Create your ad alert
Quick Tips 
    'Ad Alert' sends automatic email when new ads are posted that meet your search criteria.
  1. Please enter a valid email address for receiving alerts.
  2. Once you save the alert, an email will be sent to the email address specified during the 'ad alert' setup.
  3. Open the email and click on the link to activate the 'ad alert'.
  4. more help
on-mouse over help;* required field
 Email * Email address for receiving notification for matching ads.
(Please enter a valid Email for receiving alert notification.)
 City City where product or service is advertised.
 Category Select an appropriate category for alert.
 Match keyword(s) 1 * You can select upto 4 keywords to describe the product or service that you are interested in.
 Duration day(s) Active period for this ad alert.
Keyword Logic - Each keyword that you enter will be searched individually. If you type television and color in keywords 1 & 2, then all new ads which have television and/or color will be identified. Thus you can get good matches by judiciously selecting the keywords!